Types Of Home Security System

We are living in the times when technology is ensuring complete security. Besides this the security threats are also multiplying. We are not safe anywhere even at home. The idea of installing home security cameras Adelaide is to ensure complete safety and security of the homes. This prevents the intruders from breaking into the home any time of the day. These   cameras can be used remotely too to get the real picture of the happenings in the home. They can be connected with the mobile devices so that it becomes possible to keep track of the situation.  Some commonly available home security systems that can be installed in any building are as follows:

Box security cameras are similar to the cameras used for clicking the special moments. The principle is not much different too. These cameras are great for the outdoors and all kinds of exteriors. They can be installed inside the homes to get a clear view of the rooms you want to monitor closely for example the room meant for the kids. The users can add or remove the lenses according to their personal choices. The focal length of the lenses can also be adjusted accordingly.

Dome security cameras are small, compact and easy to handle security systems. They are fixed to the roof or the walls as per the requirement. The shape looks more like a dome hence the camera is given the said name. The lens   is covered with a glass dome that protects it from the water, dust and other adverse conditions. The best thing about these lenses is that they are great for both the outdoors and the indoors. Being compact they do not occupy much space and look beautiful than many huge cameras. Visit http://www.invisionhometheatre.com.au/services/invision/main/home-automation/ for home automation.

PTZ security cameras are an advanced form of the mechanically operated cameras. These cameras are added with the features that make it possible for the user to adjust the view and the focus. It comes with a remote that can be used to change the directions of the lens. Once the directions are adjusted in some cameras   there is   an option to store the direction in the memory. These directions can be used later whenever needed. To fetch the information more clearly the lens can be zoomed in to get a perfect view.

Bullet security cameras cannot be ignored if you are a security freak. They are crafted into the shape of a bullet. It has the feature of the   adjustable lenses. The users      find it really fascinating due to the IR illuminators that make the things really amazing and clear to see. These cameras require little maintenance. The manufacturers add seal to these cameras that keep them safe and well protected in all kinds of situations. They can either be fixed to a   heighted place or simply placed on the table with the help of the small circular foot attached at the bottom.

IP security systems are not much different from the dome security cameras. The appearance is more or less the same. The difference is only because it works through the digital signaling system. These cameras are added with the extra resolution and the best thing to keep track of all the movements is the video analytical software.